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"A Story about Giving"

Issy was so excited. As a young camel, he was on his first caravan trip. He was going with his grandfather and the wise men to a far away land to see the young Christ Child who was born King. Join the little camel, Issy, as he makes a journey to see the Christ and learns an important life lesson about the value of giving and why the Christ child is so special and much more than just an earthly king.

Price: $12.00


"A Story about Faith"

Follow Jacob as he shepherds the coolest, most colorful group of sheep and goats and learns that God’s promises of blessings are for him. He learns that no matter what happens in the natural, God blesses those who are faithful and trust Him. God’s promises are for us and always come true. He realizes that it takes faith to hold on to a promise.

Price: $12.00


"A Story about Words"

Sadie and her friends were exited! They were together again at summer camp. Sadie had planned for all the fun, but little did she know that the best part of camp would be learning an important lesson. Join Sadie and her friends as they begin to understand the power of words.

Your children will learn that words can hurt or heal, that God used words to create the world, and that He has given us His written word by which we are to live.



"A Story about Seeds"

Darlin’ Daisy was happy! The morning was sunny, and Farmer Fred had opened his roadside vegetable stand. The seeds in Farmer Fred’s basket were all shapes, sizes, and colors. Join Darlin’ Daisy, Ralphie Radish, and all their seed friends as they learn that God loves each of them and created them for a special purpose. Each seed was different by God’s design, but he loved them all the same

Price: $12.00