Celia Banks is the owner of Primrose. She is also an author of children’s stories, mother to three and has a passion for God’s Word. Celia is also the former vice president of design for the International China Company and has been a designer for dolls, dollhouses, toys, cosmetics and gift products for such companies as Avon, Mattel and Hasbro. She has recently taken her corporate experience and coupled it with her love of children and literature to create a unique series of interactive, illustrated, children's books. Her method of using photographic textures is cutting-edge and proving to be an incredible interactive learning tool for young children. 

Celia is a long time resident of Lexington, Kentucky and she is active in her local church as well as local organizations and charities. Her close family bonds and support afford her the time to pursue her passion of creating children's books and encouraging others to leave their legacy through authorship. 

Celia is also member of the senior demographic; therefore she has a connection to and a heart for this group. She understands the desire seniors have to leave their legacy and their needs to make this happen.  Since Celia has already published four books with a fifth on the way she wants to use her experience and her products to encourage and develop the same vision for other seniors interested in leaving a legacy through authorship. 


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